1. I feel like if you’re too far it’s a waste of materials. but I never used this particular way of rushing….I’ll try to implement it

    • I do this when i have atleast 1k mats, this is usefull for when someone is so high that when you push with stairs he could still shoot you, instead of running and placing walls everytime i find this more usefull, also helps with shooting down the base, you can shoot down the bottom without him hitting you from above

      • Ahh, so it’s more so for end game. Random question about your controller settings. Are your building choices on reset or are you scrolling through each time you edit after you shoot?

  2. I wonder how this would work against a player who isn't bad tho.

    Seems like if you try to do this against someone with a GL or RPG and they have half a brain – they'll just lead shots on you and blow you up well before you get halfway close.

  3. You didnt have to fight him you could of just took out the base of his fort and he would of died from fall danage

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