• You could just message Eric yourself. They are very responsive especially when it's about a problem like yours.

        I don't really get all the hate you are getting. Pointing you in the right direction would have been more helpful. Ppl saying you shouldn't ask for stuff like this on Christmas but downvote you to oblivion don't really get the spirit themselves imo.

        I'll help by pinging /u/epicericsw so he can look back into this in his own time.

        Have a good Christmas, hope your issue gets resolved.

        • He's getting hate because he's asking the dev to message HIM like they're bored and have nothing better to do.

          What he should do is be an adult, open a ticket and keep emailing them until he gets a response, not ask them to message him lmao

        • whats wrong with being entitled?

          I feel entitled to the world. I feel entitled to make my dreams a reality. I feel entitled to always ask why.

          You were taught at a young age to not touch, to follow the rules. You get mad at others doing what they want.

          Thats YOUR brainwashing you gotta deal with bub. But dont feel too bad, 99% of people are just like you.

  1. It's not good to see but that were 2 people walking into my trap right after another. The first baited by the snowball launcher and the second baited by the firsts loot, lol.

  2. Sometimes what I do is drop one of each ammo. The stacks look the same and it makes it seem like theres more loot.

  3. I was fighting a guy one time in with 4 players left, I jumped backwards and shot a rocket at a dude he died but I had jumped right into a trap on the garage of that exact house. The last 2 guys were both hiding in bushes

  4. The spikes being deployed on the ceiling is broken imo they can’t be seen or heard.

    Edit: 1st of all it’s my opinion of a game mechanic. Second, I’ve yet to die from any traps, mainly because I play on console and even though they are now much easier to deploy, I rarely encounter them throughout a game. I think the floor trap was perfect as it could be avoided if you didn’t run in like Rambo but could easily catch someone not paying attention. Maybe, the ceiling spikes are noticeable? Idk I haven’t seen them in action other than this video and it looked fairly hard to tell. Anyways, I will give it a chance and see how they work. I appreciate all the assumptions tossed around. Merry Christmas & happy new year.

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