I was having a bad day,my parents and I got into an argument and none of my friends were online so I decided to play squad fill and try to meet new people.

First game,no one had a mic and they all went tilted.

Second game,one guy had a mic and dropped tilted while everyone else went Salty.

Third game,I met this kid. He had to be less then like 7 years old and he was playing with his dad watching and helping him. I talked to him a bunch that game and he was just adorable,and he actually had knowledge of the game constantly telling me to get mats or where an enemy was.

We made it to the top ten and the last 2 squads taught each other so it was now a 2v4(our tm8s died early) he told me to build a base and we did. He told me where an enemy was and I sniped and he cheered me on. He told me to rush them while he miniguns from the back. I do as told and we absolutely whooped the last squad and boy oh boy was the kid so happy. Right when the Victory Royale popped up he screamed to the top of his lung and started celebrating with his dad and told me to add him.

We played a few more games before I had to go but man it felt good. He was so kind and wasn’t even a bad player. And the best part is when I told him a had to go he said

“Bye Best Friend”

Damn FortNite made me shed a tear today.

Thank you Epic for this wonderful game

Edit: Is humor flair appropriate for this?


  1. I gave this young kid a purple scar one time and he was like “I can’t believe he gave me his scar”. I felt great doing that.

  2. As a father of a 7 year old that was diagnosed with dyslexia, dysgraphia and aspergers, thank you for being a great person!

    • My friend has a fairly disruptive case of Aspergers, and is also a published writer and one of the highest earners in Jeopardy history— fuck the haters!

  3. Months of squad fill games and I still can't remember the last time I had a teammate with a mic who spoke English and wasn't a complete potato or who went tilted and died before I landed

  4. Bro my heart,but seriously I really like how fortnite just eases a stress as my household as well is pretty toxic so when I play it’s kinda like a safe haven to from the outside

  5. I love getting little kids in squads, they're so funny. I'm a good player so I just try to back them up or even carry them. It makes me feel good when they're like "you're so good", "guys look at him, can you teach me". I played with a 3 year old last week. He was so funny.

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