• I always forget about this until I die by it, then I just forget about it again, I would love for this to be fixed.

        • I'd be perfectly happy with a setting that auto build two walls in that situation. So annoying throwing up quarter walls all over the place when you're getting ganked from behind.

        • Except there is, there are plenty of areas where things should build in the ground / not be able to build, but they made it so the grid to build was extended and those buildings slightly "hover" in the air.

        • They can draw a better grid OR make a mechanic that detects that if a fall is 25% below ground it auto holds on the square above it

        • Well if something like 90% of the well is underground it will sometimes let you build above it instead.

          But other times it doesn't. It's slightly inconsistent. Not a huge issue imo, I've gotten used to how the grid system works over all.

        • I disagree.

          I think their main focus is producing more content for micro-transactions, adding new weapons, and balancing the game for n00bs.

          Why fix a tiny thing like floating walls? Most players don’t even build… unless leisurely

        • I think they could do a little bit more on that, after all, epic games is a big company, it's not like they don't have the time.

        • Sure there is, just make sure walls place above ground, it's not that hard. Ramps would be difficult, but making sure the median point of a wall is above ground is really trivial.

        • Turn on turbo building and just expect it to always build underground. Not much else you can do.

        • That happened to me in the final 1vs1 of an explosion game, rocket coming at me, shit, build wall, wall is 2 feet high from the ground try as hard as I can build more wall on and around it, game refuses no matters how many times i press the button, there guided rocket kills me and they win the game and then dance. 🙁
          It was a silly game mode but it would have been my first win.

    • Its also annoying when you do a stair push, but instead of the wall being built behind the ramp its built right in front of you blocking the ramp

        • I know it’s not a bug? I just don’t like that i can’t put traps down on other surfaces that aren’t my own? It’s stupid when you infiltrate someone’s huge ass base and you can’t put traps down because you didn’t build the walls.

        • It would be a bit unfair if you could put traps on someones base, walk away, and then they kill themselves because they’re walking around their own base. I think a fair compromise would be that you can build traps on prebuilt structures AFTER the builder is deceased.

        • If I spend a minute making a decent base and someone can just ramp up in and spam traps at me? nahhh thats a bad idea.

  1. This is the absolute worst. Or when you get shot in the open and try to build around you but instead it puts base walls 95% in the ground all next to you and around you.

    • This. I don't understand how it's normal that at some heights walls are literally go down through the texture by 90-99%.

      I've been there so many times, some guy is shooting me, I quickly build a wall in front of me to block bullets and it just doesn't cover me cause the most part of it is in the ground

      • It’s because the entire map is on a 1×1 cube system. The terrain is built within this system. Sometimes the terrain and a cube floor level match, sometimes they dont. Which is why you’ll see half high walls in the ground. But those times when the cube height is maybe a foot or two (or less) off the ground, but still high enough over the terrain that the game considers it an invalid build spot, is where your stuff builds in the ground. It sucks but not sure how they get around this.

        • I don't get why this is so hard for people to deduce.

          Also, a solution might be enabling auto-build if wall is stuck x% (slider) in terrain, if that's detectable.

        • Mosy people do understand that it’s just a big grid. But what’s not cool is when you want to build a wall in front of you, and instead it goes under the ground completely. I have tried to build walls while pointing at eye level and have had the walls build under the ‘cube’ I’m looking at.

        • 1×1 cube system

          I think many of these problems could be solved with a 0.5 grid. Like you could build a wall, and another next to it at half height. Finer control.

      • Super annoying, it essentially takes double the mats and time for a one by one when this happens. Even worse when you go to put a roof on it, and it places it on top of the first walls that are 80 percent underground and traps you under.

    • I don't mind dying. But damn do I have to look like a spaz building things an entire square away from me when I get shot lmao

    • This got me killed by so many guided misses in high explosives. Eventually I got used to building a floor first but that's not viable in the regular modes…

    • I'm sure people that have killed me wondered wtf I was trying to build when they go to collect my loot. Base parts all over the place and half in the ground. It's like stonehenge. Swear I had a plan…

    • For me it's when I'm trying to build a 1×1 and it decides to build the wall next square over rather than the square I'm aiming at…

  2. This is the absolute worst with the double stair push. I'll place one down, and the second is further away, so I have to reset my push. Probably more of an issue on console, which is what I play on.

    • PC here, this happened to me last night. I was so tunnelvisioned into double ramping that instead of double rampign I just created a line of double stairs in front of me. up, back on ground, up, back on ground. Embarrassing.

      • Oh man I’ve been trying to learn the stair + wall push and I keep making this mistake.

        A little reassuring to see that others sometimes encounter the same problem and hopefully practice/muscle memory will help fix it.

      • So when you want to be aggressive and safely push another player, you, in theory, build 2 stairs side-by-side with walls in front of the stairs building as you run upwards. This gives you a high ground advantage, and makes it difficult to shoot you down. The best way for the defending player to respond to this is a stairs push of their own or build upwards. This is usually how building fights start.

        • You can actually build walls in front of your stairs. If you do it properly, there is a wall now protecting your stairs. If you do it improperly, you block your path with a wall. Takes some getting used to but is worth the practice.

      • probably when you're rushing at an opponent you build 2 sets of stairs side by side so they don't know which one you'll come out over and you can get high ground

        at least that's what I assume based on it's name

        • I think the main point of using double stairs is so it can't be destroyed entirely by breaking one piece

      • Instead of ramping up with one string of stairs/ramps, you ramp up with 2 strings side by side so that the enemy has a harder time destroying your stairs and it's harder for them to predict where your head will poke out. All an enemy has yo do is destroy a ramp that is the only connection to the ground and the whole thing above it will "fall down"/disappear.

    • PS4 is the worst, you can't uncrouch after you open the build menu, literally everything takes an extra few buttons, which is a nightmare because of the lag.

      • I actually am really enjoying the builder pro setup. It really reminds me of how quickly PC players can build using key bindings.

        I couldn't stand the combat pro and my mind always got mixed up with different combo rotations.

  3. i was in a build battle with someone and i accidentally built them cover cuz their tower was 1 tile width away from mine. he won.

  4. feel like its gotten worse in more recent patches tbh.
    May be something thats become more apparent since the weapon switching?
    Unsure myself/.

    • Something changed 100%. Building out farther than you’d expect is part of it. Not being able to build ramps near you unless you look at the exact right angle is another.

      • Not sure why you're getting down-voted. Building a 2×2 ramp/wall push is weird at the start now. I always mess up the second ramp and it goes too far out forward. Then I have to back up or keep pushing with a single and hope my opponent is a potato.

        • It’s hard climbing mountains now too. Getting a ramp to attach to the side of another ramp you’re standing in is just not working right, both climbing and charging.

    • Yep. Every patch is just adding more pointless bullshit like C4 and vending machines while simultaneously breaking things that are core to gameplay.

      I mean FFS consoles still have draw distance issues that they broke like 5 patches ago.

      • I really don't like C4 how it is currently. They need to give us all a grenade slot, similar to a trap slot that we can put nades/port a forts/C4s/etc without wasting inv space. There would have to be a smaller than the current 10 grenade stack limit (maybe 3 at a time max), but I feel like this would actually change the game in a big way for the better.

  5. Agreed, I've died so many times cause the building was invalid and red. It gets really irritating. I often look right at the ground on the area I want it place and it still misses…

  6. Dear lord yes. The game always tries to put the building piece on the grid ahead of you and not closest to you. Does it with stairs also.

    • Then the opposite happens when you're building stairs and want to switch to floors, it wants to build the floor that caps your stairs first rather than the floor that extends them, then you place your jump pad as your teammates smash your freshly built floor instead of editing it cuz they're noobs.

    • Or when you try to build on terrain but it just doesn't build. Like those wooden fences.

      How are mats going to destroy hay bales and rocks but not fences?

    • Huh? This is a legit complaint that has been going on for a while now and it affects the game. Maybe if you play the game and aren’t only here for the memes you would understand fucking idiot.

    • You know what's 100 times worse than "complaining" and relaying feedback from their own userbase so they can improve the game?

      Being so selfish and conceited you'd rather dismiss people's legitimate concerns than bother to listen to them. Disgusting attitude.

      • Why does Reddit have to be the place for feedback for Epic? I don't remember this being a support forum. Plus who knows if a fix like this is even doable based on how they made the game. I'm guessing they'd have to add in a system for keeping track of where players are vs where they want to build, and for what? How many "problem cases" would this fix? Enough to make it worth it to implement a whole new system?

        • whether you like it or not reddit, for a lot of devs, is the easiest and cheapest medium for them to gauge popular community opinion. If you don't like the content scroll passed it.

        • Epic specifically asked for more feedback from its user base. So. There's that.

          And, we're the beta testers.

  7. you know what else? Not registering mouse clicks and thats the game so dont say its my mouse cause its not because it hasnt always been like that its been since i think 3.3

  8. I disagree. I've gotten used to how building works in this game and I have no trouble with it at all. Maybe you just need more practice with the mechanics. If you change a core mechanic like that you'll screw with the player base that has already trained their muscle memory for a certain play style.

    What happens if you're standing there on that ledge but you intend to put the wall a space away? Following your mechanics that wouldn't be possible so your reach is effectively shortened unless you aren't standing on a floor? Seems inconsistent to me, this is coming from about 18+ days played.

    • “If you change a core mechanic like that you’ll screw with the player base that has already trained their muscle memory”

      tell that to epic before these last couple patches lmao

    • Youre standing on a ledge, so there would be nothing to connect that floating wall too. If the wall was buildable this issue would matter a little less…

    • If you change a core mechanic like that you'll screw with the player base that has already trained their muscle memory for a certain play style.

      Something something added delays last update.

      This is just a QoL change.

    • Lame argument. Just because people can force themselves to adjust to an unintuitive system, doesn't mean that system is ideal.

      The "correct" way of achieving what the OP wants to do involves basically aiming somewhere completely different from where you want to build the piece. That's awful design, which is evident by the large number of people claiming to have issues with it. If there's a more intuitive solution that will improve building for most people, there's little reason not to do it. Anyone who's ever played more than one video game in their life should be able to adjust, especially if the new system is easier.

      If you read OP's final statement, you'd realize it doesn't impact your situation. OP said that pieces that can actually be built should be prioritized. I assume if you're trying to place your wall a space away, there's actually something to connect it to, making it a valid placement, making this situation exempt from what OP is talking about. If there isn't anything to connect it to, you can't place the piece a space away anyways, so there's no reason for the game to give you that option.


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