• It is there are many items in the vault smg zap trap and smoke grenades to name a few and tbh guided rocket is pretty garbage also and should be vaulted with suppressed smg

      • idk, I actually like the suppressed smg. The extra damage/ammo trade off is pretty fair if you count in the silencer aspect that many people actually underrate.

  1. I thought you were going to completely delete the vault when you highlighted it. Was disappointed 🙁

      • flair didnt show up on my part, more/less just tired of seeing this post. Not that the mods ever do anything about reposts in this subreddit…..

        • This isn't a repost. I made this gif myself. I get that some people are tired of seeing posts complaining about guided missile, but I just posted it cause I thought it was funny.

        • Because its incredibly different then saying "Just remove the guided missile forever"

          Not a repost but literally the same thing man, just annoying at this point tbh

  2. I have really enjoyed the game (minus the bugs and weapon delay) without the guided missile, both solos and squads. Can’t see them leaving it out, but I hope when they bring it back it’s severely nerfed.

    • tbh this is the best we can hope for, unless the outcry against it becomes extremely bad. And even then, Reddit is only an extremely loud minority compared to the rest of the game, that barely even has a voice.

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