Quake is the quintesential Balanced Skill Based Shooter, even Thorin agrees that if it was a game that was purely about skill at the end of the day, Quake is the ultimate Esports test of skill.

And the reason why is that Quake is consistent and predictable, and it lets players unleash their skill.

Now that doesn't mean that Fortnite needs to be Quake, that's not what Fortnite is for, but EPIC games can learn from Quake to increase not only core, hardcore and competitive player satisfaction, but also casual players as well.


No one. No matter How hardcore or casual, likes to see a well placed shot do next to nothing.

No player is happy about an inconsistent system that robs them of what they feel they accomplished.

Casual players are less likely to be affected but there are, at times, where players who are maybe just 2 or 3 hours a week, will come into situations where they try their best, and yet their best is robbed from them, simply by the fact that consistency is not rewarded well in this game.

I'm ofc talking mostly about Shotguns here. Shotguns are without a doubt, the Quintessential close ranged engagement weapon for Fortnite. Close Range combat is heavily reliant on the shotguns in this game. And yet these shotguns are also radically inconsistent.

I have seen clips of players get pointblank headshots and those not register as headshots, and I've seen players headshot people from AR distance with shotguns and watch those shots hit incredible amounts of damage. I have personally hit shots that after I see my enemy die, I think "THAT'S BULLSHIT, THERE IS NO WAY THAT SHOULD HAVE KILLED THEM."

So needless to say, Shotguns are without a doubt, needlessly and utterly in consistent.

So then, what can Fortnite learn from Quake? Quake(3Arena/Live/Champions) use shotguns that have dedicated and reliable spread patterns. A set of rings that define spreadshot pellets.

Here's 2 screenshots from QC showing what I mean:

All of these pellet spread are from the Supershotgun(think Pump Shotgun), see how they form rotation yet consistent pellet rings?

This makes shotguns consistent, pellet spread predictable, and it allows fall off damage to be registered properly as well.

This is something that Fortnite needs to adopt to make shotguns able to be balanced, and able to consistently stand up to their role for close range engagement.

In this case, aim while important, is not the primary factor for shotgun usage, instead it becomes Close Range, and movement that favors the shotgun.

This helps casual players get a grip on shotgun behavior without removing the skill factors behind "hopping shotgun" strategy. It rewards rushing, and weapon choices at the right time, and punishes them for having the wrong weapon for the engagement.

In the hands of any player, Consistency feels good.

Weapon Swaps

Everyone is concerned about Double Pump and ridiculous Burst damage from Weapon rotation. No one, except maybe myth and daequan.(sorry for the call out boys, no harm meant!) wants to see a Double Pump return where people drop 600DPS because the game has no resriction or barrier on multi weapon wielding.

So what can Quake teach us here?

Well first off, The way weapon delay is right now, its very frustrating. It feels clunky and irritating to pull out a gun and watch it come out sloppy slow, and you click to fire only to be met with no rounds being fired.

This sucks. It's sloppy and weird.

So what can Quake teach us here?

Quake has a great solution to this, and it does what people want for Fortnite, without the clunk.

In quake(EG Champions/Live/Arena) Weapons cannot be swapped out until they are able to be fired again.

For example, the Railgun takes 1600ms to Reload, which means you can fire the weapon immediately as it is pulled out, but it does not let you swap away from it. So you must make the shot, or chose a better weapon for the up coming situation. If you take the shot, you are reloading for 1600ms and then you will be able to either fire again, or swap out to a more approriate weapon.

This is the ideal balance solution for Shotguns in Fortnite. This means no matter how many pumps and tact shotguns are being held by a player, they cannot rely on it to deal out immense amounts of unregulated burst damage.

This means no more double pumping, because the only pump you need is the one you're firing.

And in terms of balance. With "weapons swap on reloaded" design, each and every weapons rate of fire can be adjusted for balance individually without making any delays to any other part of the game.

Each weapon now has it's own set of regulations that can be fine tuned and adjusted.

This is why Quake's combat feels so fluid and skill based, When you fire a weapon you are making a choice of engagement. If you take that Railgun shot, and you miss, you are punished for that miss. but if you instead chose to close the gap and pull out the HMG or LG and make it a closer range engagement you take a risk but can be rewarded with proper choices.

Weapon Swap on Reloaded is what this game can take from Quake in a means to introduce fluid and balanced gameplay and eliminate problems with player mechanic abuse.

Pump TactTact for example is a valid engagement choice still, it rewards the payers good enough to pull off that first shot, and able to follow up with a higher rate of fire weapon.

This solution includes people trying to 4 deagle, or doublebolt, and other weapons as well.

This is a fine tuning choice that can be made to make the game less clunky and far more ready for balance.

EDIT: I want to clarify here, this is Bullet Reload, not Magazine reload.

Each weapon has a rate of fire that inbetween shots it is down and cannot fire. This is the Bullet Reload time. An AR for example is 60ms Reload time between shots(guessing).

So for example here if you have 2 ARs with 30 round each inside of their magazine, and you expend all rounds of 1 and want to swap to another, and your character is trying to reload the AR that you just emptied, you will not be stuck reloading the magazine, and will be able to swap away.

The reload time I'm referencing is the time it takes for a new round to enter the chamber, aka Bullet Reload time.

Epic can learn a lot from Quake and make Fortnite better for not just competitive players, but also casual players.

So you can carry 2 ARs, empty one, swap to the other and the only delay on a swap is how long it takes for that weapon to be ready to fire another bullet, not replenish the magazine.

The game doesn't need to be quake, nor should it follow in quake's foot steps, but there are great solutions to learn from many different kinds of games that improve your own.