1. I swear down, even if I have fly across the Atlantic, drive down to Epic and make this damn thing myself I will. Why won’t you land with me, Tom?

  2. I was doing the solo squad thing for some challenges one time, joined a game, 3 guys clearly knew each other, they actually picked and agreed on salty, amazing i thought, this might be a decent game, nooooope, 2 seconds out the bus and one guy says 'i'm going to that farm, and marks fatal, another guy agrees, the third stays quiet and continues to salty, few more seconds pass and one of farm boys spots the prison and says hes going there instead, salty guy finally pipes up and says he's now landing in the bushes outside salty, in end the i'm left in salty proper with a full squads of enemies as the farm and prison boys die immediately and the other one has the time of his life looting outside of salty, waste of oxygen.

    tldr LTM mode where one squad member is designated captain and the rest are tied to him on a 20m long rope so we can all be dragged to tilted pls

    • How would that work though? Would they die upon going 21m? Or can players just not move past 20m from the designated player?

        • I could see people trolling each others by falling off cliffs and yanking the whole team with them but if done right it’s a really good LTM idea

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